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Renault KWID - An affordable car for nuclear families

Among the other top factors that determine the final sale, buyers consider mileage, overall maintenance cost and ease of maneuvering. In fact, most buyers looking for affordable cars for small families would see the new Renault KWID price fitting into their budget snugly.

At a starting new Renault KWID price of INR 2.92 lakhs (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the KWID has the right amount of space to fit 5 passengers. Even on long distance travels, all 5 passengers can be in the car without much discomfort.

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The KWID comes with a 279-litre boot space that can carry massive amounts of luggage with ease, and a gigantic 620 litres of space can be generated if the rear seats are turned up. In comparison, Datsun RediGO offers a measly 222 litres and the Maruti SPresso, designed specifically to compete against the KWID, provides 270 litres of boot space. Clearly, the KWID is the most suitable alternative amongst the three for long road trips.


The KWID is available in 5 variants- STD, RXE, RXL, RXT and CLIMBER. In addition, this hatchback will also be very suitable during peak summer as one can store 1 litre bottles in each of the door pockets.

Excellent styling

The KWID scores not just in terms of space and comfort on the inside. It is a head-turner due to its contemporary design and curves that ooze youthfulness. For the new Renault KWID price, these are only some of the standout components of exterior design:

Stylish front grille
Integrated spoiler
Headlamps with an SUV-like appearance
Grey Melange fabric upholstery
Silver streak DRLs


Renault KWID was the first compact hatchback to display the characteristics of an SUV- something which Indians as a community have always loved. One look at this vehicle would confirm this, where the KWID’s muscular wheel arches, elevated bonnet and solid build clearly point to the general body structure of an SUV. While the first KWID made Indians realize the positive points of an SUV-like hatchback, its 2019 version took the experience to an entirely new level.

Superb ride quality

Ride quality is a factor that is critical to the existence of a car over time, be it small, medium or large. Long before the KWID’s arrival, consumers were happy with hatchbacks delivering comfortable rides on smooth roads, and invariably accepted deteriorating ride quality on bad roads. However, the KWID’s soft suspension is adequately tuned to handle all kinds of roads. In addition, a ground clearance of 184 mm allows the car to glide over potholes, found on most Indian roads.


One of the aspects of the Renault KWID that has not been pointed out across several reviews is its excellent visibility. In this car, the driver does not face any A-pillar interference while changing lanes or turning. Though the KWID was compared to the Alto, visibility in the Alto is certainly compromised due to its A-pillar that blocks the driver’s vision while making a turn.

So if you are looking to buy an affordable car for your family, then the Renault KWID would be an excellent bet. 

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